Super Friday Night vs Beast Guy

    Super Friday Night vs Beast Gu...

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    Super   Friday Night Funking  is the second installment of a fantastic series. To prove your superiority, you must master the music ritual, pressing the appropriate buttons at the proper times to rack up points. In the music second installment, you must face off against the fake and  funky Friday game.

    In   Friday Night Funkin Slide, players engage in freestyle music fights to earn points. Press the arrow keys in sync with the music to defeat opponents and groove to the Friday game night.

    You may either finish the instructional level and enter the   Music  correctly or enter accessible play mode and face off against any playable characters. You may adjust the difficulty in the  happy Friday game  to your liking.

    Data de lançamento: 30 March 2023 , Plataforma: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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