Rainbow Tsunami

    Rainbow Tsunami

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    An infinite runner, players of   Kogama Rainbow Parkour  are tasked with guiding the cast through ever-changing environments. Stay away from a plethora of  dinosaur-running games, buses, and the like. Find and rescue the other running games for kids, and call on your rainbow companions for support as you run for your lives. Get coins and spend them on running games online and more powerful abilities. Go through the city, avoid  the spiderman running game, and recruit as many people as possible to help you create a real tsunami.

    Invade the city with a bunch of  naruto running games! Generate the enormous possible horde by turning as many people as possible into zombies.

    Manipulate these lovable zombies to keep the public safe.

    Get as many coins as possible to level up and unlock   Supra Drift 3D by Rainbow.

    -'One touch' gaming, with its simplistic controls and cartoonish art style.

    -Mind the  running game Alice in borderland: eat your brains and your flesh, so you must maintain tight command. ​

    An infinite runner called   Survive The Tsunami  is where players direct a pack of zombies as they try to outrun a tsunami.  

    Start with one  running game android  shambling through town, then round up more live people to add to your horde of zombies. The longer the  alien running game  has to eat everything in its path across the earth, the more individuals it can bite and join its group.

    Data de lançamento: 18 February 2023 , Plataforma: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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