Jungle Jewels Connect

    Jungle Jewels Connect

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    Descrição do jogo

    Exciting and engaging   Hypercasual  game. Clear the board by pressing on identical squares depicting fresh jungle produce. Gain high points by completing as many levels as possible to move up the  word connect game  leaderboard. find a matching set of exotic fruits for every clue in the forest.

    Monitor the clock and ensure it run out before the emoji connect game is completely cleared.

    If you run out of turns and still have a word connect game online object, the board will reshuffle for you; otherwise, the   Amazing Jewel  game will end. Watch the remaining objects in the jumble carefully.

    The timeless  tile connects game  is back with no loading screens, infinite stages, and simple fun as a standalone must-have.

    It has over 1900 carefully crafted stages and dozens of unique   Jewel Halloween  game modes.

    Enjoy a new animal connect game satisfaction level thanks to generous awards and unobtrusive removal.

    Classic look and feel, a short but satisfying catalogue of stages, and is impossible to put down.

    Playing is easy, and everyone can rapidly learn the connections, answers and outs.

    The elimination impacts of combining various connected animal games of elements can be quite strong.

    Data de lançamento: 2 March 2023 , Plataforma: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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